Zheyuan Brian Zhang

Robotics MS Student @ University of Michigan • zheyuan [at] umich [dot] edu


Ann Arbor, MI


My name is Zheyuan (Brian) Zhang (张喆元 in chinese). I am a master student at the University of Michigan pursuing Robotics MS in the Robotics Institute and Cognitive Science Graduate Certificate in the Weinberg Institute for Cognitive Science. Currently, I am a research assistant at the Situated Language and Embodied Dialogue (SLED) lab, advised by Professor Joyce Chai. Prior to UMich, I received my undergraduate degree in Computer Science (B.S.) from UMass Amherst, College of Information & Computer Sciences.

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My research interests lie in the intersection of artificial intelligence and cognitive science because I am particularly curious about how the brain works and how we understand the world. To this end, I want to incorporate ideas from cognitive psychology and neuroscience into the creation of computational AI models. Currently, my research focuses on Deep Learning, Natural Language Reasoning, Multimodal Learning, Continual Learning and Embodied Intelligence.

selected papers

  1. UNPUB
    Bot Lab: Autonomous Ground Vehicle from Low-level Control, SLAM to Planning and Exploration
    Zheyuan Zhang, Yu Zhu, Manu Aatitya Raajan Priyadharshini, and Thirumalaesh Ashokkumar
  2. INSAI
    Low-cost Solution for Vision-based Robotic Grasping
    Zheyuan Zhang, and Huiliang Shang
    In International Conference on Networking Systems of AI (IEEE INSAI) 2021